Covid Artwork and Graphic Designs

I sometimes get clever ideas that lead me to dabbling in graphic design. Most of my designs come from remixing photos and clip art to make a new concept.

I have a Redbubble shop where you can get the following designs on T-Shirts and other items. Send me a message if you see something that you would like added to a product in the shop or if you like something and want it in a different color.

The panic over Covid has been tough on me, so many of my designs have a Covid theme.

Coronavirus Jihad

This was the first of my Covid designs. It pairs very well with a shemagh. It was for sale momentarily on Redbubble, but the design got banned.

Punish the Lockdowners

One day we will be free. Until then, we can dream about how we would punish the lockdowners. I thought of this design and it kept me up for several nights in a row. The stick figure artworks are licensed from Malaysian artist Leremy Gan. I was lucky to find them and think they work really well with this concept.

Vaccinate the Government

People are being banned from work, travel and other places based on their personal medical decisions. The vaccine story changes over time, ever since they were rushed to market under Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. One day the vaccine will save you, and the next day you’ll have to get boosted every few months. One day it prevents infections, and the next day you have Omicron coming for you. The part of the story that never changes is that your rulers are always right, and you should obey them. You will surely die if you don’t surrender your civil rights to them, that much is constant.

The Holy Rag of the Covid Cult

The holy rag will save you.

This one is also available on T-shirts and stuff on the Redbubble shop.

Fauci Should Have Stayed Home

We all would have been better off if he had!

I originally put this on a sign for a protest, and then reused the graphic for the Redbubble shop.

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