Demonstrations to Support Canadian Truck Protests – February 12, 2022 in Buffalo, New York


It’s mid-February, 2022 and New York State Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced the relaxing of the state’s face masking mandates. She had re-imposed said mandates in December, as cold and flu season started up, and claimed her measures would help contain covid infections. Unlike the prior two years, for this round of restrictions, many county governments openly rebelled and publicly stated that they would not enforce Hochul’s orders.

On the other hand, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz strongly supports Hochul’s assumed authority. Most city of Buffalo residents appreciated Poloncarz’s tough-guy stance, but several of the smaller towns within the county issued statements condemning their county-level overlords.

All this is happening as most other places in the USA have dropped their covid-era restrictions.

Sign on the door of a local restaurant

Free, Printable Signs for Places in Revolt Against More Covid Restrictions


Say “No” with a smile

This background information is for the benefit of the people outside of my area who may not know what’s happening here.

Ever since the start of the virus panic 21 months ago, various rulers of New York State have imposed some of the toughest restrictions in the country. Now, after we had an an almost normal summer and fall, the county executive of Erie County (where the city of Buffalo is) issued a new edict mandating that everyone wear face masks in all public businesses. He further threatened his subjects with business closures and other punishments if the virus doesn’t stop doing virus things, like spread during cold and flu season.

Reopen NY Protest: Tailgate in the Square


On December 19, Western New York residents gathered in the cold outside of Buffalo City Hall to demonstrate in favor of reopening businesses and easing Covid-related restrictions.

This attracted a group of counter-protesters who were worried that easing restrictions would lead to a rise in Covid deaths.

The two groups engaged in a scuffle before the rally started, and Buffalo Police officers kept the two groups separated for the rest of the event.

A handful of local politicians spoke, as did local business owner Robbie Dinero, who has been fined $10,000 for flouting Covid rules. He is fighting the fines in court and encourages other business owners to join him in civil disobedience.

Erie County Comptroller, Stefan Mychajliw speaks to the gathered demonstrators. Recently, Mychajliw has been feuding with Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz. Poloncarz backs strict enforcement of business restrictions while Mychajliw favors more leniency.
Robbie Dinero, owner of the Athletes Unleashed gym in Orchard Park, addresses the crowd. The Erie County Health Department fined Dinero $10,000 for violating covid-related edicts. Dinero vows not to pay the fine and is going to court to dispute its validity.
Robbie Dinero, owner of the Athetes Unleashed gym in Orchard Park, addresses the crowd. The Erie County Health Department fined Dinero $10,000 for violating covid-related edicts. Dinero vows not to pay the fine and is going to court to dispute its validity.
Although they made a lot of noise with their megaphones, the counter-protestors were still a little camera shy. Despite wearing a mask, this guy used the sign to block his face when I went to take this picture.
Counter protesters to the “Open NY” demonstration are in the top left of the frame. A line of Buffalo police officers keeps the two groups separated.
This aerial photo gives an idea of the size of the crowd. Some people were protesting in opposition to the “Open NY” message. Those counter-protesters are grouped in the upper left of the frame.
Not everyone that day was demonstrating about virus politics. This happy maskless couple went to City Hall for a wedding day photoshoot.
Women singing Christmas carols

Serenade Our Seniors: A Covid-Coping Demonstration


Perhaps the hardest part of 2020 has been the forced isolation that government officials have imposed on us. This isolation is even worse for old people in retirement homes

On Sunday December 13 a group called “Save Our Seniors,” alternately, “Serenade Our Seniors,” sang Christmas carols outside of the Absolut Care nursing home in East Aurora, NY. They wanted to alleviate some of the isolation felt by oldsters who have been confined away from their families in the nursing home for the past several months.

Although Christmas Caroling and Save Our Seniors are apolitical, many of the people in attendance engage in local conservative activism.