Demonstrations to Support Canadian Truck Protests – February 12, 2022 in Buffalo, New York


It’s mid-February, 2022 and New York State Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced the relaxing of the state’s face masking mandates. She had re-imposed said mandates in December, as cold and flu season started up, and claimed her measures would help contain covid infections. Unlike the prior two years, for this round of restrictions, many county governments openly rebelled and publicly stated that they would not enforce Hochul’s orders.

On the other hand, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz strongly supports Hochul’s assumed authority. Most city of Buffalo residents appreciated Poloncarz’s tough-guy stance, but several of the smaller towns within the county issued statements condemning their county-level overlords.

All this is happening as most other places in the USA have dropped their covid-era restrictions.

Meanwhile in Canada, the restrictions are even more onerous than Hochul’s and for the past three weeks, massive protests lead by Canadian truck drivers have disrupted the capitol city of Ottawa.

The Canadian protests have inspired many Americans and daily demonstrations were held in Western New York from Friday through Sunday, February 11-13.

Attending protests has become a hobby of mine since Covid Pandamania began in March, 2020. I’ve shot photos at Black Lives Matter in Buffalo, attended several anti-lockdown protests around Buffalo and traveled to Washington DC twice, once for Black Lives Matter and again for the January 6 rally disputing the election. Subjectively speaking, it seems that the Canadian truck protests have breathed new life into coronavirus activists. These recent demonstrations had the highest energy and the highest morale since the lockdowns began.

Here are my photos from Day 2 on February 12 the weekend’s protests. I’ll post photos from Day 3 and a video once they’re ready.

Area highway signs warned of possible slowdowns due to protesting vehicles, but traffic moved smoothly throughout the weekend.
Demonstrators gathered in an empty parking lot before driving in a convoy to convene at the international Peace Bridge between Canada and Buffalo.
Canadian-American Frank Kolbman, now living in a suburb of Buffalo, helped organize the convoy.
People gathered with flags and signs at a parking lot in Tonawanda, NY before driving to the Peace Bridge.
A reporter from Fox News 29 (Philadelphia) interviews one of the demonstrators.
A lady from New York City (R) hands out Canadian flag signs to fellow demonstrators.
“Let’s go Brandon” has become a meme to humorously express, “Fuck Joe Biden.”
Demonstrators gather for a prayer to start the day.
Joy traveled from New York City with her group, New York Freedom Rally, to support the Buffalo demonstration.
The group of demonstrators before leaving for the Peace Bridge.
A part of the convoy at the Peace Bridge
A man waves a Canamerican flag on Busti Avenue with the bridge to Canada behind him.
American flags along Busti Avenue
The 4 people on the right were a few of the ones that traveled from New York City in support.
This counter-protester drove by twice to show their middle finger and yell “fascists!” The demonstrators’ response? “We love you anyway!”
Many do not trust Bill Gates due to his role in promoting the new Covid vaccines.
Flag-wavers gathered in view of their counterparts demonstrating across the river in Canada.
Among the remaining restrictions, Governor Kathy Hochul still orders that school children wear face masks.
Professional pilot Joshua Yoder is an organizer with US Freedom Flyers, an organization founded to resist mandatory vaccines for commercial pilots.
Former candidate for Buffalo mayor India Walton (center) showed up with a supporter to heckle the demonstration.
Anti-mandate demonstrators attempt to deëscalate the yelling between the groups.
Attorney Jim Ostrowski recently filed a lawsuit against the state of New York to stop forced masking in schools.
Nancy Orticelli (right) and friends lead the group in saying the pledge of allegiance.
Pennies collected to help local businesses pay fines incurred for not obeying Covid regulations.
DVS 7.0 is a musician who traveled from New York City to support the rally.
DVS 7.0 performs his “Not Gonna Take It” anti-vaccine rap song.

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