Where to follow my work

I have a variety of outlets to publish online. Depending on the material that I want to post, I could put it in any one or more of these following places. I know that not everyone has accounts on all the same social media sites. Follow me where you can. Here is a list of where I regularly publish. I’m ordering it from most important to least important.

Mailing list

I say that I send out an email once per month. Realistically, it has been less than that. The point is, no junk mail, no spam. This is still the most important, since if I leave other platforms, we can still stay in touch.

Sign up for the mailing list here.


Pretty much everything goes on Instagram. I’m most active here. This and email are the best way to send me a message.


I hardly ever post on Facebook. The only time that I do is to make it easy for people to share pictures of themselves.


So far, I am not using Twitter often, though I will be experimenting with it more in the coming months.


I occasionally edit videos. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for when I do.

Most of these links are found in the menus for every page on this site, but I wanted to have them all in an easy-to-find place.

Leave a comment below if you have questions or have a favored site that you think I am missing.

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